Daughter of Nocticula, half-angel half-demon, with a split personality.


Session history:

. When the party found Dawn, she was a dusty, but beautiful, Elven traveler. Dressed in a pale-green and brown faded jacket, that has probably been some sort of uniform, She has grey-green pale eyes, a greyish tone to her skin and long blonde hair with white streaks. She has long pointed ears with two silver earrings on her right ear. She has no visible weapons and only has a worn backpack, as she walks behind her small, but faithful brown mare.

She started a bit reserved, but eager to trust and talk. A bit shy and staggers as she doesn’t remember stuff. She does seem to be willing to help out everyone. She seems a cheerful, youthful and innocent Elven woman. Since she doesn’t remember her name, on the first dawn, looking at it’s beauty, she decided she will henceforth be called Dawn.

The party set out and on the first bloodletting, against the Owlbears, where Dawn seemed to change in the face of danger. Weapons suddenly appeared from her outfit, seemingly out of no-where and she attacked head-on using two longknives. It seemed some of the awkward youthfulness left her for determination and purpose.

As they traveled, the party got to know Dawn as a friendly and caring person. She formed good friendships with especially Cress and Jakhar, of whom the latter helped her trying to regain memories, which unfortunately did not help much. Still lost, Dawn tried to find her purpose, but failed to find any connection to her previous life.

That changed after the meteor struck. The cultist where already there, but something triggered Dawn to become very interested. She sneaked as close as she could to the artifact. As she touched the artifact a green glow emanated and shot into her, which stunned her for some seconds. Afterwards a combat ensued in which Dawn was accidentally wounded by Cress’ arrow. After all the cultists where killed, she retaliated viciously on Cress by stabbing him. Directly afterwards she healed Cress, but did not apologize.

The meteor incident seemed to give Dawn at least a hint of what she might have been involved in in the past. On the road they also met a group of musicians, of which Clank, the bard, played a song that also triggered some memories. Bolstered by these achievements she started to believe that it was possible to regain her memories and fervently started to follow the few leads she had. She convinced the party to help her infiltrate the Cult of Lammashtu. They successfully infiltrated, but then Dawn was discovered, apparently easily discovered by ‘the Mother’. She was screwed and that was the first time the party saw her create a large darkness around her, which helped her escape. Eventually the cultist escaped and the party decided to follow in the boats, which eventually led to the capture of the artifact, which Dawn took and would later equip.

Next Clank and his companions had an amazing performance. Dawn was suitably awed. During the performance there was an attack and strangely enough not the people on stage, but instead Dawn was their primary target. With help of powerful poisons Dawn was eventually captured. She was taken into the Darklands, while the rest of the party cautionary followed her trail, she was led deeper and deeper. Eventually the party found her in a whorehouse, where she was easily freed by the matron, Fiora. She told that she was sold into slavery and that Fiora chose to free her without any recompense.

Then the party went on an alchohol spree. Dawn woke up with a nude painting of herself, which she has carried with her ever since. She has also received several tattoo’s and piercings. She does not seem particularly bothered by the whole drunken spree thing. She was also the one that in her diary recorded at least part of what happened and only had a small smile while telling the others (part) of what she wrote down.

When the party trains with Jamandi, it is the first time they really have time to get to know each other. Dawn takes the time to talk to all the party members, both in friendly barter as in one-on-ones. There’s days that she is fully dedicated in her training, fighting on past training hours to hone her skill with the blade. At other times she is relaxed, talks a lot during the training and builds on a warm friendship with all of the party members.

The training ends then Jakhar gets attacked. In the end the bracers, which Dawn thought were safely stored in Jamandi’s house, bursts into pieces, saving the party. When back in Restov, Dawn gets possessed a few times, telling stuff in a weird voice. In the end it helps the party to go to where the page of the Chronicle of the Righteous is kept. Dawn tries to stop Jorad from killing the other paladin and then when Jorad fails to destroy the page she gets it, reads a bit and then throws it away, upon which it bursts into flames.

When the party travels to Mivon, Dawn keeps wanting to eat a lot, and gains weight very fast. First to Jakhar, and later to the rest of the party she admits to being cursed. She pays good money (lended from Dis) to remove the curse. It does not remove her fatness. During solving the murder mystery, Dawn disappears for a time, coming back with a loyal assistant named Ebony, who calls her mistress. She also wears an amazing new dress with black and red. In Mivon she also convinces the swordlords to forge her blade pieces back into the original blade. This becomes an intelligent item with an attitude.

In Mivon and the rest of the way, Dawn continues to eat a lot and probably gains even more weight, although the extra-ordinary beautiful dress still looks great. She also offers the rest of the party, including Ebony, a lot of pies and other nice food

Some time later the party finally catches on that Dawn has been afflicted by a curse. They set out to remove it, which eventually succeeds in the next town. From there the party goes on to Kyonin, where Dawn finds out she is known as Firama Bannitlarn. Cress gets the party captured as ‘guests’ to the Elven court. Dawn (or Firama at this point) is recognized by the queen and she asks if Dawn “has the device?”. She replies she does. Obviously on the side enough has been going on that she knows about this, because she does seem to have the device in question. She explains to the party that it can be used to send Treerazor back to the Abyss, which the party sets out to do. Eventually they find Treerazor and Jorad decides to activate the device as an emergency when Treerazor goes into the offensive. This gets the whole party into the Abyss, all of them blaming Jorad.

The party is quickly sufficating, but is then rescued by Nocticula. After a conversation with Nocticula, in which she tries to convince the party she has good intentions, they are eventually sent to the dungeons, all except for Dawn. Dawn meanwhile learns she is the daughter of Nocticula and gets the master key of the prison to help her friends escape. She does so that night and they all escape a lower part of the complex. Here they encounter a sealed door, which they eventually manage to open, revealing an angel inside. The angel (which they will later find out is Nocticula in disguise) says they have made a terrible choice freeing her, but eventually goes with the party.

After a hectic escape, and by necessity beating down a guardian angel, the party is then transported to some fortress in the worldwound. The angel is unconscious (they will later learn this is due to the fact that Nocticula is incapicitated by the wardstones). An army is on the marge and the party has to quickly help establish defences. Allthough they manage to drive the army back once, eventually they lose the fort and are forced to retreat back to the caves, where there is a portal to Kenabres.

In Kenabres they work with the Order of Lost Hope and in their work find a some cultist. Eventually they find the Temple of Lost Omens, where they get to hear some of what the future entails:
In the whispering glade will the fate of the gnomes be decided
Beware of the broken hearted one for one scorned is a terrible enemy
The age of glory will begin with his return
The book of lies tells only the truth
The Whispering Tyrant will returnHe who slumbers in the depths stirs even now
She who escaped the destruction will rule as she once did before but at a terrible price
The pillars of strength are weakening
The Twilight Abyss will usher in the age of glory
He is still alive

They meet the “Mother”, from the cult of Lamashtuu. It turns out to be Areluu Voresh, who then burns the page that was down in the crypt, thus making her a personal enemy of Dawn. She then cowardly teleports away, leaving Dawn cursing her name.

They return to Kenabres and spent some time regaining lost energy, when Kenabres is attacked and destroyed. They awake in a cave where the angel (Tabris) finally reveals her true form: Nocticula. She says that Deskari and Baphomet will not have their way and that the party is needed for her plan. She then places her hand on Dawns head and kisses her forehead, calling her her daughter, thus revealing this secret to the whole party. She also ensures that the ‘good’ Dawn is in control.

They emerge back to the surface to find Kenabres heavily damaged. They help some of the people who managed to escape with them They find an Inn and take a moment to rest. For Dawn this is all becoming too much. She has a mental breakdown and tells the party about the evil her other personalities have done. Asks them for forgiveness and how she can repent. They eventually manage to calm her down.

The next day the party goes to destroy the wardstone, that is even now falling into the hands of the enemy. They need to fight for it, but eventually Jakhar manages to destroy the wardstone. A bright light, and some strange scenes from the past, and then, when the party gets their awareness back, Dawn finds herself in her true form. Hidden all this time by demonic magic, that has now been dispelled by the wardstones cleansing. Areelu Vorlesh appears, but with help of Nocticula can do no real damage to the party. Nocticula also cures Cress’ curse.

Next the party marches to Dresden with an army, to liberate it. Dawn is definately not really in her element. Her good personality stays in full control, and she doesn’t seem to know what to do with herself. She’s mildly useful and doesn’t interact much, slowly getting adjusted to the new order of things. Her new body. Her full control. The fact that she is the daughter of Nocticula and that the world seems to be crumbling all around. Desperation and the faith in her friends is what keeps her going. Eventually they manage to recapture Dresden. For this they invade the citadel and here in the heat of things her other personalities all get some play time. Eventually Cress is murdered, and then returns to life quite unexpectedly. They are trying to handle a powerful foe, when Nocticula appears again to simply finish the thing and then teleports out again. The party escapes.

After finding Mina Leafhammer (who is turned into a succubus) and learning about the evil that they have let escape, the party decides to divert their attention and follow a journal that Jorad has uncovered (from Mina) where he finds a clue where to find his uncle. They have some time to get their bearings and buy a scroll of teleportation.

They teleport to Galt to find more clues about Jorad. This is an interesting experience of a country torn by civil war. They have some clues, but as of yet are not much further on finding the path to Jorad’s uncle. Dawn is determined though, to help Jorad in his quest. She has come to love and trust her friends and as they have continued to support her, even though her actions were sometimes questionable, they deserver her loyalty in return. She quitely vows to help each of them achieve their personal goals, while trying to come up with a new goal of her own.


Height: 6’2” (187 cm)
Weight: 190 lb (84 kg)
Hair: blonde with white streaks
Skin: dusk-colored
Eyes: pale blue

Silver longknife
2nd longknife
Hand Crossbow
Flint and Steel1gp1lbsbackpack
Elven trail rations2gp1lbsbackpack
Water skin1gp4lbsbackpack
Rope, silk (50 ft.)10gp5lbsbackpack
saddle, riding10gp(25lbs)horse
Magic Items

wayfinder compass, earrings, ring, second ring, necklace, sword, bedroll, 4 scrolls, dress, 4 potions


Light Horse



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